The rates below are a cash discount off of what I charge insurance. If you have a plan that has a discount program, these are the discounted rates. Ocean Beach Acupuncture does not feel it is fair to charge cash paying patients less then insurance using patients, so everyone gets the discounted rates shown below.


Initial Consult: $85
This is a complete medical intake including a treatment. Plan on being in the office for an hour and a half for your first treatment. Wear comfortable clothes, drapes are provided for your comfort, only the part of your body I need to get to will be exposed. Your comfort is my priority.
Additional Treatments: $50 – $60
Depending on what you need and how complicated your case is. For the first 4 -6 treatments I usually recommend a two sided treatment, $60, you will be in the office for an hour or so, after we get you into balance and your symptoms under control the price drops to $50 for a one sided 45 minute treatment.
Facial Rejuvenation – Read More
Treatment: $120.00
Facial Rejuvenation is an hour and a half treatment using herbs, hot towels, needles and special products to smooth wrinkles and erase years from your face and neck. It is done in a series of 10, usually one per week, with follow ups every 4 to six weeks.
Treatment series of 10: $1000 prepaid
*must be used in three months, no refunds for unused treatments)
Home Kit 10 treatment supply: $250
This is an herbal remedy you can use at home with directions for facial massage to keep your face looking more youthful and rejuvinated.


60 minutes: $75
30 minutes: $45
90 minutes: $120

Herbs and Vitamins

Herbal Consult: $85
Plan on being in the office for at least an hour. We will go through all meds you are on, lifestyle changes and diet recommendations to bring you back to full vibrant health. Herbs run from $5 to $35. I usually use Mayway brand herbs, raw herbs, and Shaklee vitamins.